Woman Uses More Than 10 Percent of Brain … Hollywood Makes Movie

I browse trailers regularly because I enjoy watching movies. At a recent Celtics game (in person) I figured that movies are a much better value than any other type of entertainment. I would you rather spend $10 to rent a movie online with good food and drink in hand, with a few good friends, and with the comforts of home. I would rather rent the movie than spend hundreds of dollars to travel to the nearest stadium to sit and watch a sports match whose significance hardly extends the next 24 hours. The value of event that $10 (without discussing topics like the brilliant distribution platform and service provided by Popcorn Time) buys millions of dollars of entertainment at my control. I can pause the movie to run to the toilet.

So I browse trailers regularly to see what I will like. As I mature into my later 20s, my appetite for the action movies I used to appreciate as a teenager is waning. LUCY caught my attention yesterday.

The premise is that a woman uses more than 10% of her brain, and the world, despite the best research efforts of Morgan Freeman (Professor Norman), does not understand what is happening because a woman uses more than 10% of her brain.

In the trailer, Morgan Freeman explains, voicing over a few video clips of Scarlett Johansson partying and getting involved with a drug running crowd: “It is estimated most human beings only use 10%  of the brain’s capacity. Imagine if we could access 100%. Interesting things would begin to happen”

Cut to Trailer 2:

“Please, I don’t know anything” Lucy pleads …

The asian gangsters cut her open and put this chemical in her. …

Freeman (Professor Norman): “The chemical is allowing her to unlock new areas of her brain … her brain capacity is increasing by the minute”

Cut to Trailer 1:

Next scene, Phone Rings

Freeman (Professor Norman): Yes?

Johansson (Lucy): Professor Norman, my name is Lucy, I just read all your research on the human brain. It is a little rudimentary but it is on the right track.

Random Actor: “What happens when she [Lucy] reaches 100 percent [of her brain’s capacity]?”

Freeman (Professor Norman): “I have no idea”


This Summer: All this knowledge – you can unlock secrets that go beyond our universe – I’m not even sure that mankind is ready for it!!!

The movie really isn’t about an abnormally smart woman. Now that I’ve highlighted the absurdity of the trailer out of context … LUCY  looks like a combination of the Matrix, Limitless, and Wanted. With a more appealing main character. I’m going to guess without watching that this is one of those movies that would be more entertaining if I was 15 all over again.

I’ll pass for now.

On second thought. What the hell. Looks like a good value for two hours.

Edit: A few days later

I am reminded of the intrigue behind movies like these may stem from the fact that mind altering drugs are readily available, as Johann Hari discusses in his article My experiment with smart drugs.




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