Plain White Sourdough Base


  • 150g active, fed starter
  • 250g water, preferably filtered
  • 25g olive oil
  • 500g bread flour (not all purpose)
  • 10g salt
  • rice flour if needed (for baking) (you can make this by grinding rice in the vita-mix)
  • Bake at 450 degrees


  1. Activate your starter by mixing 1 cup plain flour with 1/2 cup warm filtered water. Let sit for 12-24 hours at 69-80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Take aside 150g of starter. Put the rest in the fridge for use later (I keep mine in a yogurt container)
  3. Totally dilute your 150g starter with 250g warm filtered water and 25g olive oil. Mix it up with a kitchenaid stand mixer.
  4. Add 500g flour and mix with stand mixer on low.
  5. Wait 10-20 minutes, then mix or knead again. Repeat if you desire. (This helps remove gas from the dough which allows more yeast to digest the flour).
  6. Form the dough. Easiest way is to make a big ball by pressing everything inwards with your thumbs towards the middle. Flip over, then plow the blob of dough towards you with your hands the plow blade. What happens here is the side of the dough blob closest to you gets stretched as it gets plowed. Spin 45 degrees and do it again 4x.


  1. When ready to bake, preheat your oven to 450 F. I like to keep a small rimmed cookie sheet on the top of the oven (with water in it) to help keep the oven steamy and to deflect heat from the top of the bread as it bakes.
  2. Sprinkle your baking surface with rice flour to reduce stickiness
  3. Place your bread into the oven. Bake for 20 minutes.
  4. Lower temp to 430F and bake for an additional 40 minutes or until deep, golden brown.
  5. During the last 10 minutes of baking, prop a wood spoon in the oven to keep the door open.
  6. Cooling: Remove the bread from the oven, and let it cool down before slicing.



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