Book Review: Disrupted

I find the TV show Silicon Valley a hilarious commentary on theĀ peculiaritiesĀ of work. Dan Lyons, who writes for the show, wrote about his 18 months at Boston based HubSpot right around the time it went public. While at times Dan seems like a complainer, he highlights a number of valid points for us to reflect on as we build a culture. Ultimately I don’t feel that bad for Dan, who earned $60,000 in stock alone for a mere 18 months–stock that would have doubled in value (over $120,000) had he held onto it a little bit longer. I do sympathize about the whole hacking scandal and don’t think Dan’s concerns are blown out of proportion. When working togehter we need to find a path to acknowledge things like age discrimination and drinking the kool aid.

Fun to read

Couldn’t put the book down and read it in three days while also taking care of my 8 month old daughter and now looking forward to the next season of Silicon Valley.
Talking points
  • Age discrimination and ageism. Dan said his colleagues regularly referred to him as “old”
  • Startup culture. Company culture in general. Drinking the Kool Aid. Teddy Bear
  • Sometimes, you just may not be a good fit for a company, and vice versa
  • Candy wall (why not trail mix wall?)
  • “Graduation” – sounds like 1984
  • Culture code slide deck (available online)
  • Transparency. Except when it comes to the CMO that our board fired
  • When the Ducks Quack… IPO!
  • Boiler Room. Sales. Spam Email vs Lovable content
  • etc.