Book Review: Disrupted

I find the TV show Silicon Valley a hilarious commentary on the peculiarities of work. Dan Lyons, who writes for the show, wrote about his 18 months at Boston based HubSpot right around the time it went public. While at times Dan seems like a complainer, he highlights a number of valid points for us to reflect on as we build a culture. Ultimately I don’t feel that bad for Dan, who earned $60,000 in stock alone for a mere 18 months–stock that would have doubled in value (over $120,000) had he held onto it a little bit longer. I do sympathize about the whole hacking scandal and don’t think Dan’s concerns are blown out of proportion. When working togehter we need to find a path to acknowledge things like age discrimination and drinking the kool aid.

Fun to read

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How I Got Team Drive on the G Suite Basic Plan


I setup two organizations: ABCCorp.Com and ABCCorp.Net. The first has all my users paying only for Basic, the second has only one user paying for Business. Create and share Team Drives from the one Business plan organization (ABCCorp.Net) to any individual or group from the other (ABCCorp.Com). Please beware of limitations!

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Super Mario Run Reviewed

We’ve all been waiting since Apple announced in September that Mario is coming to the iPhone. Who could imagine a better combination (now that GTA3 was released years ago for iOS)? So I downloaded the free trial (like everyone) on Friday the 16th shortly after it was available. Finally after months of waiting.

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Woman Uses More Than 10 Percent of Brain … Hollywood Makes Movie

I browse trailers regularly because I enjoy watching movies. At a recent Celtics game (in person) I figured that movies are a much better value than any other type of entertainment. I would you rather spend $10 to rent a movie online with good food and drink in hand, with a few good friends, and with the comforts of home. I would rather rent the movie than spend hundreds of dollars to travel to the nearest stadium to sit and watch a sports match whose significance hardly extends the next 24 hours. The value of event that $10 (without discussing topics like the brilliant distribution platform and service provided by Popcorn Time) buys millions of dollars of entertainment at my control. I can pause the movie to run to the toilet.

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A Good Thing While it Lasted (Google Apps Free Legacy)

I first signed up with Google apps for Business shortly after December 6, 2012. If you are familiar with Google Apps for Business, this is an important date. Before this date, you got Google Apps for Business for Free. Now you have to pay either $5 or $10 per user per month. It is still a good deal. And Google has excellent phone and online support and service that just makes sense. It is easy to find answers and tutorials for getting things done. I’ve had to work with Microsoft Hosted Exchange Support for over four years and it is a significant difference. I much prefer the support I’ve had from Google, both simply reading online user walk-throughs and on the phone.

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This is 2014

So I used to tell my friends and colleagues. We shouldn’t have the same problems today. Tech issues should be fixed. Things should integrate. Life should be easier. But it is not.

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